About Aerovision

Man must rise above the Earth - to the top of the atmosphere and beyond - for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.       -Socrates

Our Company

Aerovision South Africa was founded in 2012 to meet the fast growing demand for UAV imagery and remote sensing.


We are extremely excited to be at the forefront of this fast growing technology and look forward to providing our clients with cost effective, cutting edge solutions for a variety of applications.

  • To be an industry leader for Unmanned Aerial Solutions in Africa.

  • To provide our customers with cutting edge, advanced imagery together with post-analytical solutions for more informed decision making.

  • To provide cost effective, yet professional aerial videographic services.

  • To commit to using UAV technology in a responsible and ethical manner to benefit not only the customers we serve, but also the planet we live on.



Aerovision is cognizant of the current legal issues and legislation surrouding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles / drones in South Africa . We are currently registered with the SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) and our pilots are fully licensed for commercial operations. We are fully commited to adhere to any legal requirements as required in the new legislation.




Safety is of paramount importance to us. All Aerovision pilots have many hours flying experience and are licensed and registered with SAMAA (South African Model Aircraft Association). Our UAV's are built with top of the range components that have low probability of failure. Onboard flight controllers have a number preprogrammed fail-safes to prevent any unnecessary accidents occuring.

Pre-flight checks are procedurised and mandatory for pilots before every flight. All flight information is logged for post flight investigation.