ALTiMapper AV-01

“Agile, rugged, efficient and reliable – just a few words to describe the ALTiMapper  UAV from Aerovision. A must have in your arsenal of precision agriculture tools.”

- Jaco Engelbrecht, Viticulturist, Stellenbosch

From R95000

High Precision Aerial Imaging - the key for effective mapping

We are proud to introduce the ALTiMapper AV-01 remotely piloted aircraft, a tried and tested RPA for all your mapping needs. We have spent hundreds of hours testing, modifying and designing this aircraft to produce a professional, easy to use, robust and affordable RPA.


The ALTiMapper AV-01 enables surveying of rugged, hazardous or hard-to-reach areas and is the perfect platform for agricultural remote sensing and aerial geo-mapping. Simple and quick assembly makes data collection easier and faster with the ability to plan and execute a flight in minutes.

ALTiMapper AV-01 in action 

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Easy, Affordable & Accurate

The ALTiMapper AV-01 has been designed with safety and durability in mind and fulfills all the requirements of the SACAA regulations. It’s built to withstand even the toughest of African conditions and in the event of an accident, can be easily and economically repaired. With up to 90 minutes flying time, the AV-mapper is an extremely cost effective solution that is practical for a wide range of uses.

Superior Design

ALTiMapper AV-01 is a tried and tested airframe that has been custom designed and rigorously tested in the field to bring you an easy to launch, easy to fly plane, that has very forgiving flight characteristics with maximum robustness.

Built to Perform

The ALTiMapper AV-01 is designed with your needs in mind. It can be setup in minutes and on its mission in no time. At Aerovision we know the terrain can be a little rough which is why the aircraft is designed to be robust and durable with a protective landing skid for even the hardest of landings. The camera and flight controller are well positioned for protection as well as providing balance to the aircraft.

ALTiMapper AV-01 Features

  • Tough EPO foam fuselage and wings reinforced with carbon fiber

  • 90 minutes+ flight time (sea level)

  • < 3kg with payload

  • Auto-calculate survey grids

  • Fully automated take-off and landing

  • Bungee and hand launching

  • 2km radio range (extendable)

  • Simple mission planning

  • 24 megapixel aps-c sensor

  • Integrated camera with auto trigger

  • Geo-referenced images

Aeromapper60 (8)
Aeromapper60 (8)
Bungee Launch0001