Commercial & Industrial


Agricultural Crop & Field Surveys

Until recently, agricultural crop and field surveying was considered an unnecessary expense where the cost outweighed the benefit. With the use of UAV's, this is changing rapidly. Farmers are now able to micro manage their crops through high resolution aerial imagery. Using sophisticated multi-spectral cameras and modern analytical software, farmers are able to accurately determine areas of concern within the crop and soil at a much earlier stage. The benefits of using drones to micro manage crops include:

  • Increased crop yield (min 5-6%)

  • More controlled use of pesticides.

  • More efficient use of fertilisers.

  • Improved irrigation.


This application is still in it's infancy and is widely regarded as being one of the fastest growing commercial UAV applications world wide. We are extremely excited to be at the forefront of this developing technology and look forward to providing our customers with valuable, cost saving data. Please contact us for more info.

Golf Estate Management

With UAV technology and our GIS expertise we can give you reliable data for the effective marketing and management of your gold course at a fraction of the price of traditional methods. We tailor out products for each estates individual needs to make sure the client, and their clients, are always happy.  



  • Hole Meta-Data (Distance to hole, Contours, elevation)

  • Hole Specific maps (Hole mapped accurately and rendered as drawing)

  • Fly Through Videos (Virtual Tours)

  • Aerial Photos (Map of entire Course and individual holes)

  • 3D models of golf course


  • Targeted fertilization

  • Irrigation management 

  • Labour optimization

  • Turf Performance

Contact us for a personal consultation and for more information on how we can provide you with cost effective and high resolution 

solutions for the maintenance and marketing of your golfing estate. 

Private Security

With the escalating levels of crime in South Africa, private security is fast becoming the number one priority for both business and private individual alike. Quick response multirotor UAV drones are an excellent supplement to existing security and surveilance methods. They provide peace of mind for clients as well as creating a "visible" presence, acting as a deterent to would be criminals. They also provide excellent feedback during an incident and allow for accurate decision making for first responders.


Contact us to find out how UAV's can be incorporated into your existing security protocol.


Quarries & Mining

UAV technology allows rapid, accurate and cost effective on site surveying and mapping tasks. Mapping inaccessible or unsafe areas can now be done at an affordable rate with high accuracy.  These platforms allow you to map inaccessible incline, manage pit and stockpile changes, track material movement and monitor the stability of the surface all with limited risk.


These aerial platforms also allow you to not only observe your mine/quarry but also explore and map out tracts of distant terrain and to explore for potential mineral deposits. The nature of such of all these tasks makes the use of our UAVs and data processes a natural fit, contact us for any questions or for more information.

Conservation & Livestock Management

Poaching and livestock theft within Southern Africa has become a major problem in recent years. Rhino poaching in particular has reached epic proportions with more than 1000 Rhino's killed for their horns in 2013 alone. Autonomous UAV's fitted with with infra-red detection cameras and various high-tech sensors can be used to provide a much needed "eye in the sky".

  • For fast deployment and situational awareness, multirotors are the ideal UAV's.

  • Fixed wing UAV's with high endurance and larger payloads are perfect for continuous surveilance over large areas.

  • Balloon kites are an excellent method for fixed point, situational awareness and can be fitted with various sensors, cameras, lights as well as acting as radio relay beacons.


We are able to provide a complete, bespoke aerial surveilance solution that suits the specific terrain and aligns seamlessly with existing counter poaching measures and livestock management strategies. Contact us for a free consultation.


Traditional geo-mapping techniques have always been a costly undertaking. With the advent of autonomous UAV's, this is no longer the case. Drones are able to fly slower and lower than conventional aircraft, making them ideal for collecting high quality aerial imagery that can be seamlessly stiched together to produce high resolution geo-referenced aerial maps that are compatable with GIS applications.


Contact us for a personal consultation and for more information on how we can provide you with cost effective, high resolution, geo-referenced aerial maps.

Infrastructure Inspection

Multirotor UAV's are ideal tools to use for inspection of industrial infrastructure such as:

  • Civil works

  • Telecommunications

  • Oil & gas pipelines

  • Power lines

  • Oil rigs

  • Wind turbines

We can equip our UAV's with many different sensors and cameras depending on the application. Please contact us for a consultation to determine your specific needs.