Unmanned Aerial Solutions

Drones South Africa.

Autonomous Multirotor & Fixed Wing UAV's

Whether you are looking for a long range, extreme endurance surveilance drone, or a versatile and quick response multirotor for aerial mapping, we can customise a solution specific to your needs.


Give us a call or contact us today. We will gladly sit down with you and design a bespoke UAV solution around your specific requirements.


Service & Maintenance

Aerovision offers comprehensive service and maintenance plans for all our custom UAV's / drones in South Africa, as well as once off consultations and upgrades.

We also provide a troubleshooting service to iron out all the initial teething problems usually associated with a new system.


We'll safely maximise your time in the air whilst ensuring your UAV and it's payload are performing at their peak.

Pilot & Systems Training

Pilot training is of paramount importance for any UAV or drone operation. Our training ensures that pilots are competent and have the confidence to fly in variable weather conditions. Besides flying skills, we give them a thorough understanding of the system architecture to facilitate troubleshooting in the field.

Finally, we instil a culture of safety, ensuring pilots adhere to strict safety guidelines to protect your valuable asset and the surrounding environment.

Helio-Balloon Surveillance Kites

Helio-balloon kites are a great low cost solution for tactical surveilance, area reconnaissance and for use as relay stations to boost radio signal strength. They are highly portable with fast deployment times, ideal for difficult to reach areas with poor communications.


We design and build these kites to customer specification with payloads up to 30kg or more, capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 35 knots.


Contact us for more info.

UAV Ground Stations

We design and build customised portable ground stations for rapid drone deployment and protection of sensitive equipment. Our UAV Ground Stations are built using rugged flight boxes and contain all essential equipment for UAV / drone control.


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