Videographic Services

Drones South Africa.

Film Making

We have a multirotor UAV dedicated to film making that is capable of lifting any modern DSLR camera with 3 axis stabilsation for shake free, silky smooth aerial footage. Camera orientation can be controled remotely by a dedicated camera operator for that locked in feel whilst video feed is transmitted to a remote monitor for live playback. Flight times vary from 10 - 20 minutes depending on the payload. Ideal for obtaining cost effective aerial footage for:

  • Feature Films.

  • Commercials.

  • Documentaries.

Property Marketing

Seeing the aerial perspective of a property gives the potential buyer, holiday guest or tenant a much better overview of the property and its surrounds. It adds massive value to any marketing campaign, elevating your campaign above the rest.


We provide a complete video presentation for a visual overview of the property, inside and out, with professionally edited high definition video that includes stills, aerial footage and a carefully selected soundtrack.


With our smaller, purpose built UAV's, we can provide high definition aerial coverage for any outdoor event such as:

  • Music festivals.

  • Sporting events.

  • Weddings.

  • Trade shows.

We aslo offer an in-house post production facility to provide you with edited aerial footage or even a complete professionally edited video of the event (including ground footage).



We provide the journalist with a cost effective "eye in the sky" for high definition stills or video that is broadcast ready. Our smaller UAV's are easily transportable and ready to fly in minutes. Perfect for:

  • Investigative reporting.

  • Automotive journalism.

  • Event coverage.

  • Print media or television.