Drone Services South Africa
ALTiMapper AV-01

The Ultimate Mapping Drone


An affordable and easy to use mapping drone manufactured by Aerovision SA. Click here to find out more...

Fire Damage Assesment


After the devastating fires that swept through the Cape Winelands, we were commissioned to assess fire damage at Thelema Wine Estate using near infrared imagery.

Y6 Build


A beast is born! We documented the making of this seriously kitted out medium/heavy lifter, designed specifically for filming with a DSLR camera. Take a look...

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Drones South Africa
Drones South Africa
Drones South Africa
Products and Services

Aerovision South Africa provides purpose built, cost effective aerial imaging soutions to a variety of industries. Our UAV's are designed and manufactured to the highest standards with the professional user in mind. Our services range from specialised thermal imagery to professional videography. 

About Us

Aerovision was born out of passion and fascination for UAV technology and the ability to "fly" a camera, that is opening up a world of possibilities... 


Advanced Aerial

Imaging and Remote Sensing Solutions


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